Swiss replica watches-Replica Longines brand I think the name is only slightly lower than fake Rolex

Swiss replica watches in China are replica Rolex, Omega, Longines and replica Longines. As an entry-level Swiss fake watch, it is called a street replica watch in China. Today, we follow the hall to see its replica version.

Replica Longines brand I think the name is only slightly lower than fake Rolex. A replica watch brand that is very intimate and very connotative; good nonsense does not say much, enter the topic.

Fake Longines watchmaker series stainless steel moon phase chronograph replica watches with built-in L678 automatic mechanical movement, swinging 28,800 times per hour. The replica watch measures 42 mm in diameter and has a barley grain pattern on the silver surface. The hour, minute, and second half-moon displays indicate the date. The 9 o'clock position has a 24-hour dial; the 6 o'clock position has a moon phase display function and a 12-hour cumulative dial; the 12 o'clock position has a 30-minute cumulative dial and is equipped with a day and month display window. The transparent replica watches uk back gives an unobstructed view of the delicate movement. Comes with a brown alligator strap with a waterproof function of 3 bar.

Each of the scales is literally copied and opened. The position of the text, the font size, the moon and the moon phase window are exactly the same as the original. The same high-end oil-filling glazing process as the original is used to ensure the uniform gloss of the letter, and the word is the facade concept, the effect is more than the original.

The details of the position of the moon phase plate are compared. The 3M factory further corrects the sun rolex replica, moon and stars on the moon phase plate, not only the golden light, but also the same level as the original, the size ratio is not bad.

Pointer comparison 3M factory commonly used original pointer open mold re-engraving process, using the same quenching equipment to burn the burning blue pointer. The color and gloss are the same. The market is mostly electroplated imitation-burned steel blue needles, which are easy to fade, 3M will not.

Case, ring, bottom cover, main shell exploded open mold, diameter 42mm, thickness 14.5mm, consistent with the original specifications, lines, chamfers, cross-section liner sand sand are artificially finely crafted + CNC, each The parts are connected with the screws and the heads are individually QE quality inspection to show the original temperament. Each case accessory can be used with the original, and it is so simple to steal the beam.

I believe that everyone saw today's 3M factory Longines moon phase eight against the genuine have a certain understanding of the replica table fake watches, why the re-engrave, because the replica is using the original original version, to achieve the same product, As with the house, all aspects of the data must be accurate to 0.01 mm. In fact, the same is true. If you buy genuine products, I suggest that you can consider buying a genuine back-transparent movement of your own movement. Otherwise, the engraving is enough.