The Roger Dolby replica watch brand was founded in 1995

The Roger Dolby replica watch brand was founded in 1995. Although it has only been a short period of more than ten years, it has amazing creativity and high watchmaking craftsmanship. At the 2013 Geneva replica watch Fair (SIHH), Roger Dolby released an Excalibur Table Ronde replica watch, which became a rare masterpiece in the high-end replica watch industry. Let's take a look at the replica watch and let you enjoy this ingeniously crafted replica watches uk, the official model: RDDBEX0398.

The Knights of the Round Table are the legends of King Arthur. They are the collective name of the famous knights around King Arthur. They are named after the table where they are gathering. The famous round table knights have 12.

At the center of the large open flame dial is the Arthurian round table decorated with the Tudor rose pattern, surrounded by a stripe pattern extending from the center. The hourly standard was replaced by the Golden Stereo Twelve Round Table Knight, who held the sword around the round table and showed the knights participating in the round table.

Each knight's cast image is firstly molded in three dimensions, replica rolex then cast in liquid gold, and then hand-crafted for each detail. The stunning miniature process creates twelve statues of knights with a height of only 7 mm and a variety of shapes. These pieces are derived from the craftsmanship of craftsmanship, and they also cast their talent and enthusiasm.

Pointer: polished steel pointer {not using copper embryo pointer, because the polished steel polished pointer, no need to electroplating after processing, the process is difficult, the cost is high. But the stereo effect is extremely strong. The polished cut surface is smoother than the ordinary copper embryo pointer. The golden pointer is polished and then plated with 18k gold.

Dial: It is superposed and fixed by multi-layer dial. The center part is made of white and green. The whole dial is perfect. The golden part of the edge, each scale has the name of the corresponding knight, and is written in ancient Roman font. ---Color dial

From the finalization of the program to the finished product replica horloges, it took three years of repeated research experiments. From 3d printing to powder alloys to wax casting. We have tried all the methods. Finally, the rough mold is first determined and then manually polished to perform anti-oxidation and electroplating. The process is complex and the loss rate is extremely high. I want to say that this time we are not selling watches, it is a craftsman spirit. Because of the complexity of the process, it is not suitable for mass production. The knight shape is hand polished. How much will be a bit embarrassing, and nitpicking is cautious. I think that selling more is a feeling.